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Here at DocuPrep Xpress we specialize in document preparation services for applicants who wish to enroll into the various programs offered through the department of education. Our highly trained staff will walk you through your options and help prepare and finalize your documents, depending on which program(s) you qualify for. We will then help you enroll in the plan that is tailored to your specific needs to maximize your benefits and save you as much money as possible!

How can DocuPrep Xpress help make Enrollment Easier for Borrowers?

Three Simple Steps To Get Started


We locate and organize all of your student loans into one easy-to-review personalized snapshot of your options. Less mess means less stress.


Our proprietary system finds all of the government offered reductions, forgiveness and repayment programs that you may qualify for.


Relax, while DocuPrep Xpress takes the wheel from here. We handle the red tape to accurately file and get you started on your new repayment plan fast.

100% Error Free Documents. Guaranteed.

Our proprietary algorithms ensure that your forms are done right the first time. We use a comprehensive application review process giving you a 100% guarantee that your documents are error-free.

Confirm form & filing accuracy, see all programs and forgiveness options you qualify for, select the best repayment plan to fit your budget, then have the option to do-it-yourself or enjoy full service preparation.

Ready to take action?

We’re happy to help!

Ready to take action?

We’re happy to help!