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Annual Proof of Income Submission

DocuPrep Xpress members enjoy the freedom of not having to track payments year after year with automatic annual renewal of their monthly repayment plan.

Once a consolidation has been approved and payments begin, borrowers are expected to track said payments monthly to ensure that proof of income for the household is submitted annually to the loan servicer. This submission is required in order to set payment amounts for the following year as well to confirm that the borrower still qualifies for the income-based repayment plan from the previous year. We know life can be busy after college. Paying bills on time and maintaining a good credit score is just one aspect of staying organized with your finances.

DocuPrep Xpress takes care of your student loan payments so you don’t have to and guarantees that your loan is forgiven as soon as possible. By enrolling, members can be worry-free as to when their loan balance will be forgiven as tracking your payments and term is done for you!

There is no possibility of additional payments or added cost to achieve forgiveness as your proof of income will always be submitted correctly and in a timely manner. Many former students entered into income-based repayment plans since the Health and Reconciliation Act was passed in 2010. Unfortunately, many of those same borrowers are forced to re-enroll or make additional payments they never had to because for one reason or another they failed to submit their income to the loan servicer at the deadline. Those borrowers are then placed into a standard repayment plan and can pay hundreds of dollars per month while they wait to switch back to the income-based arrangement. Don’t fall into the same trap! DocuPrep Xpress members never have to submit their own income and never need to track their payments which means the lowest-possible repayment plans and the soonest-available total loan forgiveness.

Deferment/Forbearance Requests

Everyone needs a break sometimes.

Student loan payment terms can often go on for 20 or even 30 years. Regardless of one’s financial standing, no one really knows what will happen in the next five years let alone the next 30. Members of DocuPrep Xpress are safeguarded from brief periods of financial hardship or unknown circumstances as one can simply contact DocuPrep Xpress in order to request a temporary deferment or forbearance depending on the situation. While contacting a loan servicer to request a break from student loan payments can be like pulling teeth, DocuPrep Xpress is happy to help its members maintain their loans in good standing so that the ultimate goal, total loan forgiveness, can be achieved at the soonest possible time.

Loan servicers will often place borrowers into deferments or forbearance without looking into the individual’s situation or need. Sometimes, a forbearance is necessary while other situations call for a deferment. The reasons for each can be many including loan type, individual circumstances, etc. While loan servicers will comply with some of these requests in order to keep a borrower from falling into delinquency or default, they will do whatever is necessary without the borrower’s best interest in mind. DocuPrep Xpress members can feel comfortable knowing they have a team on their side working towards the best-possible arrangement for a break in payments whether that means a forbearance or deferment.

Repayment Plan Changes

Many student loan borrowers are under the impression that once they consolidate their loans, those monthly payments are locked in and that is all there is to it.
However, this is not necessarily the case as borrowers often face changes in their financial situation over the life of the loan. These changes can be beneficial such as an increase in income or an increase in family size. Sometimes, changes can be detrimental to a borrower’s financial situation, often hampering one’s ability to make student loan payments on time or at all. Due to this change in income or family size, a repayment plan change is likely the best option. In this instance, a borrower needs to change the terms of the repayment plan to better fit the financial situation in question. How does a borrower know what repayment plan is best for their situation? Who do they contact to discuss their options?
Contacting a loan servicer may buy a borrower some temporary forbearance or deferment but what about a drastic change in finances? Who is going to take the time to talk with a borrower and go over all of the repayment plans based on current income to determine the best option? Loan servicers are in the business of collecting payments so placing borrowers into higher than necessary payment arrangements can be the norm. Instead, members of Student Support Live can contact us at any time to discuss changes in a borrower’s finances to determine the best course of action. Is a temporary forbearance a good choice? How about switching repayment plans altogether?
Members can be confident in their choice as Student Support Live never collects student loan payments and is instead looking out for our members’ best interests regardless of their financial situation.


Member must have previously consolidated all federal student loans through one of the payment options offered by the Department of Education. Member must be current on all monthly payments to Student Support Live

Final Note

Many students have the privilege to have income-driven repayment plans such as IBR and PAYE.

As you may know, these programs lower monthly payments from the devastating amounts required under the Standard Repayment Plan to something more feasible, but require an annual re-certification.

These plans are far from being a one time solution and unfortunately have to be “recertified” once a year. The recertification process will confirm the continued eligibility and adjustment of your monthly payment will be made based on any changes from your income or family size.

Every individual is required to recertify income-based repayment plans whether or not your income or family size changed. If you miss a recertification, your payments will no longer be based on your income.

Your plan will automatically change into a Standard Repayment amount or more if you’re on ICR or REPAYE. This is a very important step that Student Support Live specializes in.

Re-certification for your IBR

The recertification process is the submission of a new application for your income-driven repayment.

This application just so happens to be the same application you filled out originally but you would indicate your’re submitting documentation for payment recalculation. An IBR proof of income normally consist of your federal tax return. If for some reason you did not file a return in over two years or perhaps your return doesn’t reflect your current circumstances, then a pay stub or confirmation that you aren’t receiving income will normally be acceptable.

Anyone on an IDR plan(s) with multiple servicers, you would have to recertify with each servicer. Annual recertification is necessary and must be done before the deadline or anytime your income or family size changes. You might find yourself needing to recertify several times a year. Student Support Live has educated and continues to educate all employees to properly and accurately recertify income-based repayment plans to avoid any issues or interruptions.

So you forgot to Recertify. What happens now?

Your existing IDR plan is no longer being based on your current income and more than likely increased to the Standard Repayment amount.

Unfortunately, things get a little more complex because there are other reasons why failing to recertify can impact you. Having auto-pay enabled when your monthly payment increases can always cause your bank account to overdraft due to the change of payment amount. This means over draft fees can be charged. This can be inconvenient especially when you weren’t aware of this occurrence. The subsidized interest has the possibility of being added to your principal balance. This runs the risk of costing you thousands of dollars over the life span of the loan.

You might have the chance to obtain a hardship forbearance while in the process of straightening out your re-certification. The possibility of interest accruing is there.

There is a chance that your payoff date would be delayed and can be costing you money. How? Well, if you’re hoping for loan forgiveness whether its under one of the other income-driven plans or not, the payments being made during the forbearance period may not count.

Members can be confident in their choice as Student Support Live never collects student loan payments and is instead looking out for our members’ best interests regardless of their financial situation.

How many of us forget to re-certify?

The department of education states that 57% of borrowers fail to recertify their income-based repayment plans. This is over HALF the people who have the income-based repayment plans.

Lenders always send a reminder but there is always the possibility that the reminder might roam around and get lost in transition to your address. There is also the possibility that you do get a hold of your reminder but life can get in the way. This is unfortunate and can cause you to miss your deadline. Many submit everything immediately but there is no guarantee that everything will be processed on time. The possibility of the servicers being overwhelmed with work and paperwork getting lost is high.

What’s the best way to re-certify?

Re-certification is not a difficult process and can be done by many. Some of us find ongoing paperwork to be very exhausting or the time needed just isn’t there.

The accomplishment of getting into an income-driven repayment plan is to large to just throw away due to not re-certifying. Student Support Live makes every effort possible to make sure your re-certification gets accepted and that the deadline is always met. Setting calendar reminders or phone reminders won’t always cut it. We have done an extensive amount research to put the perfect plan together just for you. Annual re-certification should never be a burden to you, so we’re here to help.

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