When it comes to financial planning, you need the best financial advisor by your side. The type of financial advisor you choose to hire will depend on your financial management needs. 

A fee-based financial advisor earns money from sources beyond their client’s pay, such as through commissions and fees on the brokerage firm, mutual fund company, an insurance company, or investment partnership. The advisor should disclose these fees to their clients beforehand. 

It doesn’t mean that trusting a fee-based advisor may be a bad choice. Fees provide a stable income, reducing the chances to push products with high compensation. Successively commission income allows the advisor to stay prices lower, enabling smaller investors to learn from professional assistance. Still, self-interest can influence a planner’s advice no matter the compensation model. For instance, advisors paid by the hour might inflate their chargeable time, while advisors paid by assets under management might go for high-yield investments.

Since each model has its potential flaw, it is vital to know exactly how a financial advisor is paid. Good and the best planners are going to be open about this, and any unwillingness to discuss the compensation is potentially a dangerous sign. Search out reliable advisors with widely-recognized credentials, such as with DocuPrep Xpress! 

DocuPrep Xpress: Your Best and Trusted Financial Advisor

At DocuPrep Xpress, our primary compensation method is fee-based. We have a team of certified public accountants, as well as licensed financial planners. Have peace of mind knowing that our professionals have been through rigorous training, education, and testing, and they are subject to professional discipline, so you know you are in good hands.

Benefits of Working with DocuPrep Xpress

  • At least once a year, we meet and talk to ensure your investment policy is on track towards the goal.
  • You will receive a quarterly performance report that illustrates the progress so you can have confidence in our investment strategy.
  • You will have professional guidance, as we will flood you with all the information and best strategies that you need to help you make the best decisions.
  • We are genuinely committed and motivated to grow your portfolio and take care of your wealth.

For more details about DocuPrep Xpress and how we can help you with all your financial issues, give us a ring today! We are also offering reliable services with your tax debt dilemmas, including Getting Out Of Default and Student Forgiveness Programs.